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Who Am I?

I ALWAYS have a plan. It just doesn't always go the way I plan it! When we are young, adults ask us, what do you want to be when you grow up? My answer, win the Oscar for hair and makeup in films, tv, etc! But I ALWAYS had this thing where I wanted to be "that girl" that worked out with weights, ran, etc... Well, my plan for a hairdresser turned out to be a dental career for 23 years and it has been very fulfilling. But I still always wanted to be "that girl".

Fast forward to five months before I turned 40, I decided to make a life change from the yo-yo dieting that caused depression and anxiety to a more well-rounded healthy lifestyle. I hired a personal trainer three days a week to teach me how to exercise and eat properly. Well, at 45, I made the career choice to leave the dental field and become a full-time motivator to help other women make lifelong changes in their diet and health.

My daydreams and all my childhood dreams are here! I'm loving myself, and others, and am just all around happy that my plan that I didn't know was my plan is coming to life!


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